Reasons to give

1. Give to support your younger fellows

Scholarships and Bursaries create life-changing opportunities for students to enrich their education and experience with full energy and attention. Your generosity can also relieve students' financial burden in unexpected tragic events through Student Emergency Fund, empowering our graduates to take risks and pursue dreams that potentially reward us all. Through our naming opportunities such as “Adopt A Seat” or “Name A Classroom” , you can also support areas of strategic importance to the University. 

2. Give to maintain a competitive edge

To attract the smartest and most promising students, from diverse socio-economic backgrounds all around the world, financially empowerment is necessary to keep HKUST competitive with other top-tier universities including those able to bear students’ full financial needs. Considerations of funding by corporations and foundations often comprise the institution’s alumni giving rate and therefore a large portion of alumni giving proves a strong institution.  

3. Give to help our students change the world that you live in

It is about realizing one's potential and becoming an informed and responsible global citizen of tomorrow. Benefited projects such as Outstanding Engineering Student Awards, Students Start-up Grant encourage innovation and leadership. It is the University's objective to make a real difference to students' lives, to assist them in achieving these goals.

4. Give for the inheritance

Gift by alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University has made some of our education possible. Your same help ensures future students have the same opportunities that you did. Many donors see their gift as a form of gratitude and return for their education at HKUST. What makes inheritance is not about how much you pay, but about how many of you have been brought together for HKUST's outstanding students and unique mission. The donation in perpetual nature will benefit many generations of students to come.