YUNEEC Outstanding Engineering Student Awards

YUNEEC Outstanding Engineering Student Awards recognize and encourage engineering students who have a proven track record of participating in engineering competitions while taking leadership roles.  


Why do we think this is important?

Providing students with real world, international experience is as vital as academic excellence.


Why pledge?

In 2014, alumna Jiang Wenyan established the YUNEEC Outstanding Engineering Student Awards through a substantial donation to the Alumni Endowment Fund.


“What strikes me most about HKUST is the emphasis that is placed on providing students with a global vision, through participation in extracurricular activities, while also excelling in academia. These experiences include exchange programs and exposure to international competitions. However, I noticed that not all students were able to take advantage of these marvelous opportunities to broaden their horizons, often due to financial constraints and individual family situations. I decided that I would do whatever I could to help provide financial support to these students, so that they could access the resources that will provide them with the practical experiences that are so crucial to their personal and professional development.”

Jiang hopes this award will also inspire future alumni to give back to their alma mater one day.

Click here to see the interview of our 2016-2017 awardee Jeff Hu Yao Chieh

How will your money be used?

Cumulative donations received from alumni are treated as the principal balance of the Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF), which is maintained in perpetuity. The principal is the basis of sustained annual income from various investments, forming a reliable and viable source of support for many beneficial projects for students.


Click here to learn more about Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF)

A panel of judges consisting of staff and faculty from the Department of Engineering will select two outstanding students for the award. Each recipient will receive a cash reward of HK$17,500.  


For direct donation, please use the online form. Your generous support will be eligible for tax deductions. For donors who would like to support HKUST with their United States-based assets, they can enjoy tax-deductions by contributing to our non-profit partner Give2Asia. Please download and complete the Give2Asia form.


What is the application process for the YUNEEC Outstanding Engineering Student Awards?

Engineering students will receive an email notification from the Office of the Dean of Engineering with the details and application form in February/March, with a submission deadline normally at the end of the month. For more information about the program, please email the alumni office at