AEF Exchange Scholarships and Bursaries for Students

HKUST welcomes more than 2,000 international students each year, and no matter where their hometown is, we ensure that every student is taken care of.

Why do we think this is important?

We encourage all students to participate in exchanges as a way to gain valuable insights and experiences while also strengthening students’ personal development and broadening their horizons. 


Why pledge?

The HKSAR subsidizes local students with exchange scholarships and bursaries, but HKUST realizes the importance of also supporting non-local students.


How has the program been doing?

The program has supported 28 students with a total of HK$700,000 through exchange or outreach initiatives.


How will your money be used?

The cumulative donations received from alumni are treated as the principal balance of the Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) and is maintained in perpetuity. The principal is the basis of sustained annual income from various investments, forming a reliable and viable source of support for many beneficial projects for students.


Click here to learn more about Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF)


For direct donation, please use the online form. Your generous support will be eligible for tax deductions. For donors who would like to support HKUST with their United States-based assets, they can enjoy tax-deductions by contributing to our non-profit partner Give2Asia. Please download and complete the Give2Asia form.


What is the application process for AEF Exchange Scholarships and Bursaries for Students?

Students who are interested may apply through the Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO). Eligible candidates will be recommended by the SFAO, and 6 candidates will be approved by the Development and Alumni Office.


For more information about the program, and to learn how to apply, please visit: